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Personal Development

Confidence, public speaking and just being out there is not everyone’s cup of tea. But what if we said it could be yours? We bring to you some constructive tips on personality development to boost your self esteem.

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an eye for detail

We all tend to forget how important it is to LIVE, amongst this daily upheaval, and hence end up in a mess. But what if I say it’s not impossible to sort things out? We here will discuss some regular situations that we end up in and some quick solutions to them.

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from Sweat to Sweet

If you say you don’t like food, you’re probably lying. And if you you say you’re not that into sports, well, sorry for that. Because we here, bring to you some happening food and sport chit-chat for a well balanced lifestyle!

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Bust a move

We get it! Not everyone has a knack for dance. But baby, one’s gotta start somewhere. So for all the dance enthusiasts out there, we bring to you lessons like none before- beat that heat and loose your feet.

The harmless worm

A cup of perfectly brewed coffee, a beautiful monsoon and the most captivating book- don’t all the bookworms crave for it? We bring to you a banter on our favorite books- Let’s share our sentiments!


Making our way through life!


Pracheta is a loud,cheerful and a raging feminist. She loves painting, reading fiction, humming to country music and although she has two left feet, she emphasises that in her vivid imaginations, she does dance gracefully. You can spot her devouring a novel, dressed in all the colourful robes you could visualise, because in her words, “Life can be dull at times. Why should your clothes be too.”


Yugika likes to have her space and then create one of her own. She’s still discovering herself but definitely knows that she loves pizza and doesn’t have a sweet tooth (even for chocolate). Cheese calories don’t bother her and she likes to write! She is an observant person but admits that she could never be in the same league as Sherlock Holmes.


Nikitha(though she likes ‘Niki’ more) is a furball of excitement, loves giving hugs and spreading positivity. She loves food with all her heart and believes that when a person is sad, food is the one thing that can definitely cheer the person up. Bollywood runs in her blood and Shah Rukh Khan is her badshah! While she has dipped her hand in almost every sport, Badminton is definitely her strength!


A light-hearted person usually found passing sarcastic comments every now and then, Kangan is a passionate dancer, intensive overthinker and less of a speaker, As simple as she keeps it, she strongly follows the road of patience and diplomacy to maintain sanity in a crazy atmosphere. You’d probably find her counting stars in the night sky or following a trail of bright lights that lead her to her road of happiness!


Mahima, the eager beaver! She’s not the funniest person you’ll ever meet nor the most erudite of the lot. But one thing’s promised- you’ll never get bored in her company. With a world full of ideas in her mind, she has something for everyone! She’ll tell you that in her free time, she likes to read, watch TV shows and sometimes play volleyball, although if you check on her, more often than not, you’ll find her cleaning her already immaculate room.

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